Detailing Your Boat Before Winter Storage

Many people in SW Virginia own boats but few realize the responsibility a boat requires before they buy one. Today we are going to talk about the need for having your boat properly detailed before you store it up for the cold season.

It doesn’t matter if you live near Smith Mountain Lake or Claytor Lake, it is very important to have your boat detailed before you pack it up for Winter. Many customers suggest they would rather wait until they take their boat out of storage before they spend the money to make their boat look nice. Make no mistake, now is the time to ask for a boat detail, especially if you have not stored it away yet. Let’s discuss a few reasons why.

The main reason it is important to have your boat detailed before winter weather hits is to protect the gelcoat of the boat. The gelcoat is exposed to more harsh conditions in the winter than in the summer. Gelcoat is the outer coating that’s applied over the fiberglass structure of your boat and it needs to be protected. Gelcoat can get chalky in a very short amount of time if exposed and unprotected. This is a great reason to have your boat cleaned properly and waxed before snow and ice hit our area.

The same goes for the vinyl protectant on the seats of your boat.There is typically a very thin coating applied to the top of the vinyl that keeps it protected and looking nice. Vinyl Protectants condition and protect that outer layer. The vinyl of your boat will last much longer if you clean and protect it during the winter months. Cleaning the interior thoroughly before putting the boat away for the winter will also help to ensure that nothing is left in any crevasse or between the cushions that could breakdown or rust and permanently stain or damage the seats.

Many SML boat owners will tell you, detailing your boat before storage is well worth the time and money, to make sure your boat is well protected. Even though you only get to enjoy your boat for a varying number of months per year, it still needs care year round to provide you with years of wonderful summers.

This is where Dr. Auto Spa comes in. Dr. Auto Spa is a mobile auto detailing team of experts that can come to you. This specialized team will detail and restore your boat to showroom condition while you work, lay around to watch your favorite show, or spend time indoors with your family. You can now take care of your boats without freezing or even lifting a finger. Exterior Services include: hand wash and dry, windows cleaned, bug and tar removal, wheel, tires and tire wells cleaned and dressed, paint conditioned for oxidation and imperfection removal, and paint sealed with commercial grade paint sealant! This thorough detailing package will protect your investment for seasons to come!

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