Finally, the Truth About Selling Your Dirty Vehicle

Dr. Auto Spa: Posted on Wednesday, April 06, 2016 8:31 AM
If you are looking to sell or trade in your vehicle, then having it detailed is an easy way to get more money for it. A detail can also help the vehicle sell faster. Consistently detailing your vehicle is always best to help you maintain the value of the interior and exterior but this is not the average car owners mentality. So, when you need to sell a car fast, a quality detail is absolutely necessary.

A clean car is not just perception. It gives buyers a clue to how you cared for it. It is very common for clean car owners to also have a clean maintenance record. Some argue that a dirty car is more fuel efficient. The show MythBusters looked into this myth and found that the filth effects cuts fuel economy by around 10%.

So selling a dirty vehicle should not be an option unless you’re looking to make some fast cash and don’t care about the value of the vehicle. A detailing job might cost about $80-$150, but it could increase your car’s value by several hundred dollars. It may even help you to get the book value of the car but don’t expect to get more for than it’s worth. Professional detailing is very time and labor intensive. No vehicle is in the same condition at any one point in time so depending on the cleanliness of the inside and outside of your car is more likely to determine your cost.

Time is held to more importance by some than others. The good thing is you can schedule yourself to be doing something else (anything from working, to watching movies, to housework, to spending time with your family) while your detail is being done. Either make arrangements to drop your vehicle off at the shop, have it picked up or possibly even have it done at your home or office.

Detailing services can extend beyond automobiles and could include trucks, buses, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes. Most detailing companies are able to handle some, or all, of these types of vehicles. Dr. Auto Spa is one of these companies. Dr. Auto Spa is a mobile auto detailing team of experts that can come to you. This specialized team will detail and restore your car to showroom condition while you work, lay around to watch your favorite show, or spend time indoors with your family. You can now take care of your cars without freezing or even lifting a finger.
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