Entry level ceramic coating

Price: Starting at $399

Our Pro-Enhancement + Ceramic service is a perfect entry level coating package.
This special service is packed with extra value added benefits to help ensure your car’s exterior is fully protected.  Ready for your paint to look super slick and shiny?  Want to protect your paint from bugs, road grim, UV rays and other harmful contaminants?  Looking from a durable, protection that will last a minimum of 12-16 months? Then our Pro-Enhancement + Ceramic Detail is a great place to start!
Get ready to Experience fantastic results at a mind blowing value!
Services include:
– Ridiculous multi stage wash and decontamination.
– Enhancement polish to restore gloss, reflections and shine to paint.
– Prep solvent wipe down.
– Entry level ceramic coating applied to paint, trim and wheels.
This entry level enhancement and ceramic coating package will allow you to enjoy all the great benefits that a strong and durable weather shield protectant provides for the next 12-16 months.
Looking for something more long-term? Then check out our 3 or 5 year coating options.