Interior Level 2

Price: Starting at $249

Feeling a little embarrassed by how your cars’ interior looks right now?

Don’t worry, we get it!

Life happens! We all have busy work schedules, kids sporting events to attend, family gatherings, and many of other things always pulling for our attention these days, finding the free time to keep our vehicle’s interior clean and healthy just hasn’t been able to make the list yet.

Did you know that regularly disinfecting your car’s interior can be very beneficial to your personal health?  Ponder on these two facts for a moment….

Recent studies have found that a car interior’s can harvest some of the same germs found in a public restroom.   Yuk!  To top of that, we now live in a world where wearing ‘masks’ seems to have now become the new norm!

Now is the perfect time to have your cars interior cleaned, sanitized, revived and restored!

Our Superior Interior Detailing Package is the perfect service to bring you peace of mind!

Considered the royal treatment of interior detailing, our superior interior service includes….

  • Air-purge interior & Vents
  • Vacuum interior
  • Vinyl / Leather disinfected and cleaned
  • UV Protection applied
  • Pre-treat carpet stains
  • Pre-treat fabric stains
  • Shampoo carpets, seats and floor mats
  • Steam Cleaning available
  • Pet Hair Removal*
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Polish and shine windows
  • Wipe down door jambs
  • Clean all interior compartments
  • New Car Fragrance (optional)

Upon delivery, you’ll feel like you are driving a brand new car all over again! Remember, Clean Cars Always Drive Better!  Ready to schedule your vehicle?  Visit our appointment page or call and schedule today!

*Service time: depends on vehicle condition and number of technicians.