Mid-level Ceramic Coating Package

Price: Starting at $795

Purchase a new car recently? Leasing a company vehicle?  Maybe you just want to improve the image and reflection of a car you really love?  Protecting your cars’ paint with a professionally installed ceramic coating makes a perfect sense and hundreds of drivers the area would agree too!  Simply put! The benefits that you and your car will receive far outweigh the financial investment to have it protected!

Why should I consider a 3+ year Ceramic Coating?

This unique ceramic coating service creates a super hydrophobic and super glossy finish that will sheet off water and dust for years!  The ultimate protection from road grime, road salt, bug guts, and UV rays that can leave damaging impressions in your clear coat.  Maintenance washes become extremely easy to perform and there is never a need to wax your car again!

Your car will receive…

  • Thorough hand wash and detox,
  • full body clay bar treatment
  • full body machine polishing paint enhancement step,
  • commercial grade ceramic coating application

** Our goal is ultimate protection but we do aim for perfection in our final results.  While minor paint corrections are included in the above pricing, deep scratches and swirls requiring deeper correction will be quoted as needed.