Wheel Protection

Price: Starting at $249

The best way to keep your wheels looking brand new is to protect them with a commercial grade ceramic coating.  Ceramic Coatings provide a thick and invisible barrier of long term protection to the wheels surface.  The end result truly speaks for itself.   Environmental contaminants are blocked out and your wheels remain looking brand new for years and years!

You see, brake dust built up, road grim, salt, tar and other contaminants can be extremely harmful to your wheels’ finish and without a strong protective barrier, you wheels are extremely vulnerable  to fading and dulling very quickly.  By taking a little proactive approach, you can actually keep your wheels looking brand new then life of your ownership.

With this special wheel protection service, our technicians thoroughly clean and detox your wheels to remove all surface contaminants.  We will then enhance the shine and reflection of your wheels with a very special machine polishing step.  By this point, we have removed all the brake dust, road tar and any other contaminants from your wheels surface and we have also enhanced the shine and reflection. Now,  it is time to lock in that new shine with a special industrial strength protective ceramic coating.