Why should your vehicle be professionally detailed?

No secrets here; simply put, Clean Cars just Drive Better! 

Remember the day you first took ownership of our car?  Remember how clean and shiny paint the paint looked and how great that new car smell made you feel?  Oh, if we could just keep our cars looking new all the time, right!

The truth is, this goal isn’t too far out of reach!  Having the access to the proper skills, chemicals, and equipment, and most importantly, the spare time to keep our cars looking great all time time is a little more tricky isn’t it!  Even with a little experience and equipment, a thorough and proper car detail could require about 5-8 hours of your precious time.

Here is some Great news!

Professional car detailing companies like Dr Auto Spa are extremely passionate about making you feel good in your car again!  We absolutely love this line of work.  We’ve spent years training and educating ourselves and seeing you smile at our work motivates us to keep on going.  Wanna know a little secret?  “Attention to Detail” like results are usually only achieved after many many hours of long, labor some work.  The longer a detailing company stays in business, the better quality of work you’re l most likely to receive.   Dr Auto Spa, proudly serving SW Virginia since 2005.


According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management online, the typical car steering wheel can harbor as much as 9x more germs and bacteria than a public toilet seat. This study revealed that Bacillus Cereus — bacteria that can cause food poisoning — is most commonly found in cars.  It also stated that a public toilet seat can harbor up to 80 bacteria per square inch, while nearly 700 harmful germs can be found in the interior of a car.  Wow! Let these shocking statistics sink in for a moment! That’s pretty gross isn’t it! Do you see why it is so important to have your cars’ interior sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis?


Everyday sunlight and heat can be harmful to your paint, causing oxidation and fading from ultra violet rays. Road tar, salt and other highway chemicals, bird droppings, acid rain and even tree sap can all leave a negative and damaging impact on your paint’s finish.  Our vehicles cost far too much these days to let their image go down hill!

Regularly scheduled washes and waxes or long-term ceramic coatings are the keys to saving the life of your vehicle’s exterior.

Why choose Dr. Auto Spa?

  • Experienced, Passionate, Loyal {We love your car as much as you do)
  • Exceptional Services! {Personal, professional, consistent quality results)
  • Industry leading products {Only top industry brands used} 
  • Our services are convenient, affordable, and provide long-lasting results,

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