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Why should you ceramic coat your vehicle?

  • Your paintwork is the most expensive single component on your vehicle and a Ceramic coating will help protect your paint, and keep it looking new brand for years and years,
  • Ceramic coatings make washing simple, fun, and fast,
  • You paid all that money for the your vehicle and ceramic coating your vehicle can lock in that glossy shine for the long-haul,
  • You’ll save lots of $$$ by eliminating quarterly wax installs, and
  • You’ll increase your vehicle’s RESALE value by preserving its aesthetic appearance.

Dr. Auto Spa loves helping our clients feel great about their cars!  We’ve helped thousands of happy clients protect their cars over the years and we gladly the opportunity to help you protect yours too!  Our passion for detailing excellence will always outshine your expectations, every time!

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God Bless,

Doc Aaron D. Taylor
President / CEO